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I'm self-taught, through my passion with art and creating. I started specializing in made-to-order wedding sculptures in 2015, and since then my artworks have been acquired by couples all over the world. 

I studied a non-art-related career before discovering that I can make a living from what has been the most constant source of fulfillment throughout my life, art!

All the sculptures are first illustrated and tailored to the client’s preferences, then hand-sculpted out of professional-grade cold porcelain clay, with my distinct face style that I have developed through the years, with 90s cartoons and Disney reminiscences.


The personalized wedding artworks have been published by The Knot Magazine (2021), Munaluchi Bride Magazine (2020), and featured in Southern Bride Magazine and Social Media (2019)

My creations are made to commemorate special moments in life, and to keep afterwards as a reminder of those beautiful life upgrades, to be displayed and enjoyed.

Lucy’s Clay Designs

Working from my home-studio in Buenos Aires, and shipping Worldwide to anyone who wants an exclusive handmade design!

Here, with Mogul, one of my biggest sources of inspiration, and my manager.

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